For March 8th…Read and Respond!


March 1, 2011: I Have a Dream dancers Sally and Emil practice their elbow stands during Workshop 3 of the Hip Hop genre.

Hello IHAD-ers!

Thank you for staying behind a little extra yesterday. We had a great discussion about our next steps forward and it was definitely a good talk to get the ball rolling. Next week, we will be staying back an extra hour or so to further discuss yesterday’s talk. I will bring the pizza and you guys bring your ideas; just be prepared to stay a little longer than usual.

For those who were not able to make it to yesterday’s session, we discussed how the rest of this genre will play out:

  • Schedule: Yesterday was the 3rd workshop. By the 7th workshop, we anticipate that you have memorized your entire set and can move in sync as a collective. This is important because we will be doing the video shoot on the 8th workshop on April 12th.
  • Ensemble: We have to decide what we would like to wear for the video shoot. To make sure that everyone can acquire these items easily, let’s find something that is already existent in our wardrobes. An example: everyone can be wearing jeans and a white tee. We can go as elaborate or as simple as you like. Think about some creative ways you might like to display yourself as a collective and bring these ideas to the meeting next week!
  • Music: What are we going to dance to? Is it going to be a popular song that everyone knows or should we go with something more original that you could call your own? Find songs that you know will work well with your routine and that you feel conveys your message. I ask that you pick 1 or 2 songs and post them as a comment to this blog. This way we could track them and see how everyone else responds –you might even agree with someone’s else choices. So, post your song as a comment here!
  • Location: Where would you like this hip hop dance to be shot? At the STC food court? At the Kennedy Station? At community baseball diamond? A cool gazebo at a local park? Perhaps you already know of a great place and can’t see the video being shot anywhere else but there. There are endless possibilities! But remember where you choose, this will affect the mood of your music video and will convey certain messages. So, similar to the music, I am asking you to post 1 or 2 possible locations along with your music comment.
  • Message/Theme: Since we are doing 3 different dance videos and a final showcase at a late summer/early autumn festival, we could use each of your dance videos as a trailer for your final performance. Think about movie trailers: they are shown to get your attention and to get your hyped up for the opening of a movie. We could do the same thing for your dance videos and performance. Is there a particular message or theme you would like to go with so that all of them match for later on? It is definitely some good food for thought. Please bring these ideas to next week’s meeting!

Also, a reminder that there will be no workshops during the March Break week. This means that on Tuesday March 15th, there will be no workshop. Please do not come to class that evening! I will remind you again when the time draws nearer. In accordance to this post, please read and respond to this posting’s thread. Do it as soon as you can so we can arrange for permits if needed.

Have a wonderful week!



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