I Have a Dream: Open House

It seems like we have been working together for a while now but really, we have only had three classes together. Nevertheless, we have a great group dynamic with vast skills and personalities. And Scarborough Arts would like to share our collective with the rest of Scarborough!


After our first few weeks, the folks at Scarborough Arts have really liked what they saw and heard about the I Have a Dream Dance Collective. I shared your photos, videos and progress and the feedback has been wonderful. But why stop the sharing with just the people at Scarborough Arts? Why not branch this out to the rest of Scarborough and our neighbouring communities?


There is no official date set but it has been decided that we will host this “I Have a Dream 2011 – Open House” in either late May or June during our second genre: Contemporary. Once we have the date set, I will set up an online invitation as well as inform you of the details and you could invite anyone you want! Your friends, your family, your teachers, the other people you dance with, Scarborough counsellors, you name it and we could have them invited! This means we would have people of all sorts coming to see what IHAD is about! Our regular dance sessions will still occur but people will be able to mosey in and see what it is that you do best. Then after the workshops, we could arrange a “meet and greet” with the dancers, our instructor and myself and stir up some interests in our program and your experiences.


This is a wonderful opportunity to show everyone what a great collective we really have. Next week as part of our meeting, let’s make this one of our discussion topics. We can talk about what you want and what you expect in this grand event. Let’s make it happen! So how about it guys? Ready to share your dream?


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