Meetings and Greetings

Hello everyone!


I hope you had a fabulous couple weeks off from IHAD. It is always good to get a little R and R in the middle of a busy season.

This week we’ll be getting the program started again and there is a lot to catch up on! As usual, we will be holding our workshops at Don Montgomery R.C. at 4pm. We will be having a special guest join us today. Lakesha Bambury is the creator of the I Have a Dream collective. You will remember her from your initial auditions with IHAD.


Also, after today’s workshop, we will be having our IHAD Youth meeting. We’ll order some pizza and rack our brains for good ideas for IHAD. Please be prepared to stay for approximately an hour after today’s workshop.


Next week, we will have another visitor: Natasha from MYROOTS. They will be arriving at approximately 6:30PM and will be staying until after the workshop. For those who are available, I invite you to stay about a half hour extra next week to answer some questions for MYROOTS. We could talk a bit about this today during our meeting.


See you at the workshop!


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