This Week’s News


IHAD instructor Jase Cozmic looks on as the I Have a Dream dance collective practices their Hip Hop routine.

Hi everyone!

I hope you have all had a wonderful and restful week.

Last week, we had an awesome meeting and really got our ideas out there. I just thought I would post some points from our discussion here. Later on, we could have another meeting and discuss where you would like to go  with these ideas.

  • Scarborough Landmarks
  • Lawrence E. Station
  • Studio/Banquet Hall
  • Old school (Prince of Bel-Air)
  • Personality in dance
  • Elegance – Contemporary
  • Rugged and street – Hip Hop
  • Themes to each video
  • Traditional clothing
  • Ethnic backgrounds

Today we will be having Natasha from MYROOTS join us for an interview. She will be capturing you on film as you dance for the last 30 minutes of the class. And she will be staying for 30 minutes after the class to talk and interview you regarding your experiences dancing and at IHAD.

We are scheduled to have another filming on April 12th with Kat and Ben from Scarborough Arts. However, please be advised that it may move up to next week. We ask that you be there for 4 o’clock PM. They will be with us until approximately 4:30PM. We will have interview questions for you and we may ask you to showcase some of your dance moves as well. I know you are all great so don’t be shy!

The new photos from last week have been posted. The videos are still yet to come. Go take a peek!


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