Presented by Scarborough Arts, I Have a Dream (IHAD) is a new dance collective movement involving youth ages 15-19 years of age.  In 2010, youth across the Scarborough region auditioned for their part in the I Have a Dream collective movement in hopes of taking part in the 2011 dance workshops.


The group of selected young individuals will gain the opportunity to work together as a collective, learn the basis and ideals of three dance movements from IHAD offers free dance workshops, led by professional in the field, within Scarborough. Dance workshops will  focus on a variety of different dance movements including, but not restricted to Contemporary dance as well as Hip Hop. Each dance discipline will cover:

  • Techniques of the form
  • Creation
  • Choreography
  • Preparation for the video project
  • Preparation for the live performance


At the end of the workshops, the youth collective will have developed original dance routines, polished and perfected them, perform them as well as shoot music videos. I Have a Dream reinforces the artistic talents and cultural wealth that exists in Scarborough and in the communities in which the youth reside.



For more information, please contact Jen Fabico at Scarborough Arts.

t: 416. 698.7322

e: ihad@scarborougharts.com


For urgent matters and concerns, please contact Ben Lopes at Scarborough Arts.





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